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Online-Retreat "Action from the Heart" vom 24.-28.02.

Eingereicht von Charlotte_Clarke | 18. Februar 2021
This is a special retreat for climate activists, social activists, activists in other fields and anyone working to create a healthy and compassionate society. Activism carries the risks of burnout, interpersonal conflict, emotional exhaustion, and despair. As antidotes, you will explore how to truly listen to your heart, restore balance and harmony in your life, and find the strength and inspiration you need to build collaborative communities and realise our collective aspiration. This retreat is offered by Plum Village, a french monastic community founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. The mindfulness practices he and his community teach, have been road-tested in times of war and conflict. This retreat aims to support you to take care of yourself so can sustain your care for the world around you. This retreat course will be in English (with French translation). Date: 24th - 28th February 2021. Registration closes on the 22nd February. Costs: 75 EUR to 350 EUR (contribution can be freely chosen within this range).

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Eingereicht von Charlotte_Clarke | 04.03.21
Eingereicht von Charlotte_Clarke | 04.03.21
Eingereicht von Charlotte_Clarke | 04.03.21