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Online-Trainings für Non-Profits: "Building an engaged supporter base" am 10./11. und/oder 17./18.03.

Eingereicht von Charlotte_Clarke | 4. März 2021
To get people supporting your campaigns, giving money and engaging with your cause, you first need to attract their attention and offer them a compelling reason to support you. And then you need to build a relationship to keep and deepen that support. In this training - four half-day online sessions over two weeks - we’ll look at how to identify and recruit new supporters, and then how to design and implement supporter journeys that help you achieve your campaigning and fundraising goals. The Trainings are organised by more onion and is suitable for anyone who is involved in recruiting new supporters for a non-profit organisation, and/or the planning or execution of supporter/donor/campaigner communications by email. The first session "supporter recruitment" ist all about stepping back and thinking about who you want to recruit and why, before moving on to generating ideas for how you can recruit new supporters and get the most of your budget. In the course of the second session "supporter journeys", you will look at how to build meaningful and lasting relationships with your supporters using an audience-driven approach. Dates: "supporter recruitment" 10.-11. March 2021 / "supporter journeys" 17.-18. March 2021. Costs: The sessions can be booked seperately for £250 each or together for £450.

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