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Online-Workshop: "Making Conscious Decisions" am 12.05.

Eingereicht von Charlotte_Clarke | 6. Mai 2021
Our time and energy are some of our greatest resources and how we choose to use them is essential to determining our productivity, contribution and wellbeing. Each time we say yes to a new opportunity, take on a project or task, or prioritise one task over another, we make a decision about how to use our energy, individually or as a team. Yet we often do not pause to consider why we do what we do. What drives our decisions? Are we making conscious decisions? And what could support us in our decision making? In this workshop, hosted by Unity Effect, you will learn a framework to look at how you balance our time, what you say yes and no to, what is driving these decisions and also reflect on your personal decision making style and priorities. Date: 12th May 2021, from 10 to 11:30 h. The course ist free of charge.

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